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Piece of Cake is back with some satisfying conclusions in this short and sweet sequel, featuring your favorite characters! The three chapters each center around a specific subplot. 

1st story: Narita Akari/Shibuya Naomi - After the deaths of her mother and uncle, Akari falls into a pit of despair despite the resounding success of her writing debut. Only one person can save her, but will he? 

2nd story: Chiba and Ginko [the Origins of the Mebachiko Theatre Group] - Ginko's living with her heart on her sleeve, devoted to being a leading lady (one of two!) for Mebachiko. Life's all about having fun and laughing with your friends, isn't it? But when Chiba's suddenly enthralled by someone new, what will become of Ginko? 

3rd story: Umemiya Shino and Sugahara Kyoushiro - Kyoushiro, waiting in the apartment he once shared with Akari and, later, with Shino, pines after his lost love. At least, he isn't alone... See how things truly end for our messy, stubborn, and lovable main leads in the final chapter of this sequel volume!

Status: 1 Volume (Complete)
Mangaka: GEORGE Asakura
Genre: Drama || Josei || Romance || Slice of Life
Project's Status

Miri used to be a popular kids model on her childhood. But due to her short figure, she retired. One day, she met a cocky photographer named Terasawa. He said, it's impossible for Miri to be a model! Pissed to hear that, Miri wants to show him that she can be a model again! Can she be a model again?


Need: Japanese Translator

Please apply here.

Status: 2 Volume (Complete)
Mangaka: Arai Kiyoko
Genre: Comedy || Drama || Romance || Shoujo
Project's Status
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