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  1. happy new year evertone and srry i couldnt go on recently i needed to get a foot surgery si i had o go to the hospital because they couln't fix it for some reason. But im back now and I can start translating in a week yay!

  2. Merry Christmas Marissa! I know I'm late but couldn't help it. Had to work yesterday...

  3. Phew! just got out of the hospital today! glad it wsnt anything serious!!

    1. Udara


      what happened? anyway glad that you sound okay :)

  4. Hello! If you are actualy reading this, well thank you. I didn't really expect anyone to read about sports but I felt like I just HAD to talk about it. I mean there's smileys with soccer and when you go to forums onto the open talk it says something something, sports something yet when you click on it you don't see a single person talking bout sports. Anyways I had a sudden urge to talk about sports- well actually I wanted to share a story about this game I watched. so here I go On saturday my little brother had a soccer game. I usually don't watch his games but I decided to watch this on
  5. thanks... its just my japanese name though..

  6. yep.. people call me hime so i changed it



  7. thank you everyone! your support means a lot to me. I'll do my best! Ill overcome hardships like a man! Marissa ganbarimasu
  8. hime! you changed your name?

  9. hime! you changed your name?

  10. ha ha ha Shechan im just messing with you~

  11. yeay^^ but really, i didnt mean any offense when i said those; it was meant to be a joke...so...why do i feel like the atmosphere is getting heavier between us? XD


    anyways, i know cooking but not baking~ :D


    (ps: i didnt know cookies dont get moldy O_O i believe they do... XD)

  12. that's too bad I might as well start one but I don't know how to type a picture anginng a man i usually know a lot of acrylic typing skills but not hangman I'll study, then post
  13. ah wait XD can you come back on in about 10hrs time?

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