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  1. hai ggumso :3 how are you?~

  2. Not looking forward to April...

    1. Nekomikoto


      Aww why? D: Exams? T.T

    2. ggumso


      Research papers, applications, preparing summer stuff all that jazz >.>

  3. lat

    ggumso!! Is it your birthday today?! If so, happy birthday!! ^0^

  4. Heading back to Seoul in 13 hrs ^O^

    1. Nekomikoto


      Have a safe trip! :3

  5. thanks :) hope i can come back for good soon *kicks university* just a few more weeks OTL

  6. Yay welcome back! :D



  7. Woot. Happy 91st Birthday!

  8. Happy birthday! I hope you had an awesome day!!! XDD

  9. lat

    happy birthday!!!!! XD

  10. happy...91st birthday? XD LOL

  11. I kid XD *gives expired cookies*

  12. GG! Please help moi translate an SFX for SM hunter! *threatens you with a hammer*

  13. Hi ggumso! There's one more sfx that is untranslated in Dream Fantasia ch 14. Do you think you can look at it when you have time? :)

  14. "why does Kainen lose his immortality when it comes to love? " - The reason why he loses his immortality is because the mangaka hints at the fact that belials who love will become weak and die. It's a bit cliche-like, as other stories with demons, vampires, darker creatures, etc who seem invincible will die/lose immortatlity/etc when they fall in love. Hope that helped.... " and why does Kainen say you are born immortal but Gatmiel says you must kill the parent to become immortal?" - From what I could understnd from reading the series, I believe that when a belial is born, the mot
  15. Mblaq <33333 I hope they have a comeback soon! And they need a new variety show...they're so silly

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