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  1. heya, it's been agessss! how are things? :)

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. lat


      yeah cb been forever for me too haha

    3. jujubejules


      I talk to grandma almost daily. She keeps trying to convince me to show up on cb hahaha

    4. lat


      hehehehe same here 8D

  2. Hopefully they'll finish it quickly then.

  3. :o I see. Maybe in two weeks the cleaner will be done with ch 21? XD but i mean chapter 22 and 23 is like O__O OMGGGG!!! plot-wise


    I was gonna do 21 but then koko told me the cleaner who was assigned that one re-appeared so yeah :S

  4. Hey neko, I'll do it sometime in the next two weeks Since I'm on break from work. Not thrilled about qcing out of order tho. Hahaha

  5. Hey juju :D A lot of SM hunter is ready for you ^^ if you dont mind QCing out of order tho (since someone else was cleaning 21 I skipped it) but I gotta tell you...chapter 22 and 23 will blow your mind O___O

  6. Oh okay. How about TF ch5?

  7. TS takes me too long. With a fulltime job, it might be rough for me.

  8. What happened to baby_milo? I can clean something if you need me to.

  9. Do you want to work on something else while we find a new TL for PG?

  10. It's almost done! Sorry koko. I started working now, so I don't have a lot of time. But I'll get it done!

  11. Never said I'd let you! Just said you would anyway. lol

  12. Yes, I'm coming back to rape you, my sweet JJ. (hence why I'm *even* here if you haven't noticed my presence) Maybe I should quote what you said about letting me spoil >:D You can't take back what you've said MUAHAHA

  13. Tail! OMG TAIL! I MISSED YOU!!! -hugs a thousand times- how are you??? Come back! Who's gonna talk about xfactor with me and spoil it all before I even watch it? >.<

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