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  1. I caught up to your proofs of PiTFG :DD wheeeeee~~

    1. Snowflake


      YAYY! Now I just have to buckle down and start working....so little time so much more proofing to do! :/

  2. Yup! Melita just assigned Chapter 25 to me, so I'm going to start on that :)

  3. Can you please proofread more Pine in the Flower Garden? Thanks!

  4. Chatbox ;3 Join us for a chat! http://evilflowers.chatango.com/ Although, my time zone is really different compared to everyone else's :/ It's currently 12:00pm ;O

  5. Nice to meet you too!


    Welcome to Evilflowers! (I'm fairly new too)


    I dunno what cb is though... :/

  6. Nice to meet you, fellow proofreader! ;3 Let's talk on cb sometime soon :D

  7. :D if you need anything, let me know :)
  8. Thanks Lat! I'm excited to be a part of the team :)

  9. hi snowflake! welcome to the team as a PRer :D

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