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  1. Everything is so preeeettyyy~

  2. Hey there~ Yeah... I don't get around much >_< How are you doing?

  3. hello~


    i'm trying to make it a point to know all the proofreaders on here...

  4. Hunger is taking over... (  ゜Д゜)⊃ ♨

  5. welcome back!!!


    I'm doing good :D so how are you?

  6. lol can I try again then? oni106/> ehhh... I've got absolutely no idea what other people would find easy or hard oni1/>
  7. lol I have to send that pic to my friend. She is obsessed with Boys Over Flowers XD I absolutely loved him in Faith~
  8. wow, these are gorgeous! I love the Karakuri Burst one especially :3
  9. Thanks ^_^" Yeah I only changed it the other day. Yours is super cute too~ :3

  10. yays welcome back!~ :3 ohhh you have a pretty background

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