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  1. lol i am really impressed with all these languages! my first language is german, followed by english, portuguese and...some fragments of french and latin xD german people seem to be a minority here ^^ i had japanese as elective course but...well better say i never had it xD
  2. risa


    that`s sooooo awesome, love the idea ^^ and i also need motivation to write again. but it will be tough to decide the genre, i am always between fantasy or real life stories...of course mixed with romance xD ...i think my studies will suffer this november in which language will u write? my first language is german, so hopefully that will be okay. my name is risa_dslv ^^ i will add u as soon as i get to know how xD
  3. thanks for welcoming me believe me, to have so many mangas can also be a curse xD because when u have only one room but about 100 Mangas, it can be a bit tricky! but now i have got my own appartment and i am a lot more picky about mangas and yeah the bishies are worth it <3 about the editor tests, i am trying to take both cleaner and typesetter. at the moment i am going with this "the idiots guide to editing manga", its really easy going, the practical tests are also a gd exercise. which programme do u use? also photoshop? thanks in advance! risa
  4. hey there ^^ so since there are so many people introducing theirselves i decided to follow them i am manga addicted since 10 years. Since i was 12 and not really a computer person it took me 4 years to discover the manga online community, and until then i spent all my money (including, food, birthday, chrismas and so on money ^^) to buy mangas, until my parents forbid me to buy anymore, because my room was stuffed with all of them so good for me that i discovered the online manga world and when i find a manga which is really to my taste, i also appreciate it and buy the original, if that is possible. i wish i would live in japan or korea, the options are just never ending, but maybe its better this way, or i wouldnt have any realy life, which brings me to my current situation i am studying literature and enviroment management....yeah very contradicted studies, but i love reading and i love biology...i am bad when it comes to decide between 2 things...so i just take it all (thats also the reason my room was stuffed with mangas, there was only a small way from which one could get from door to bed xD) and now my goal is to cope with photoshop, since i also want to help you all with ur work and take the editor test ^^ so if u have any tips for me, i would appreciate it. and last but not least, some people pray to god, i pray to angel sanctuary by kaori yuki, since it was the first manga serial i read and its my bible so take good care of me
  5. thanks 4 ur fast reply =) then i will try and ask tessa about it
  6. Hey, I am a huge fan of Sakurada Hina, i love her drawings. i think that u can really feel all the emotions of her figures, because the expressions are just so captivating At the moment i am searching for an artbook by her. Unfortunately i couldn't find one, does anyone know if there even exists one? I would really love to buy it, i also purchased Hana wa Knife o Mi ni Matou, as it had been released here in austria now Hopefully more of her mangas will be released in the future! So are there others out here, who just love her drawing style? I can`t even say, which of her works i prefer, because they are all sooo good! Any preferences on your sides? If someone could answer the question about the artbook, i would be indebted to u! thanks in advance risa
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