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  1. Forget About Love Vol 5 Chapter 20 TS View File I have censor two more swear words this time, feel free revert back if you want. Now it's time to work on Inazuma Eleven in my own Scan Group (The L5 Project) Submitter Shinjinotikari17 Submitted 07/31/21 Category Editing  
  2. Platinum Garden ch59 TS View File 🕸️Gonna go Watch Black Widow soon🕷️ Submitter Shinjinotikari17 Submitted 07/29/21 Category Editing  
  3. Platinum Garden v13 ch58 TS View File All I need to do is chapter 4 of Blue Bird and my anniversary assignments would be done Submitter Shinjinotikari17 Submitted 05/12/21 Category Editing  
  4. SM Hunter ch 36 TS View File Done this to help a TSer who can't make the deadline, now to work on Platinum Garden 🥶 Submitter Shinjinotikari17 Submitted 05/11/21 Category Editing  
  5. Platinum Garden v13 c57 TS View File Did you know that Tokyopop did Seven Volumes of this until they shut down? Only volume 3 has been preserved on archive https://archive.org/details/platinumgarden0003fuji/mode/2up Submitter Shinjinotikari17 Submitted 05/03/21 Category Editing  
  6. Mei-chan no Shitsuji v11 ch69 TS View File Typeset of chapter Submitter Shinjinotikari17 Submitted 05/02/21 Category Editing  
  7. PITFG 50-56 TS View File All caught up with the proofreads Submitter Shinjinotikari17 Submitted 04/18/21 Category Editing  
  8. Toshi Densetsu Extra TS View File So, many, small, text. Submitter Shinjinotikari17 Submitted 04/12/21 Category Editing  
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