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  1. Status: 1 Volume (Complete) Mangaka: Misaki Yuu Genre: Shoujo || School Life || Romance
  2. Lin-senpai


    It is Crush On You. Here is the link: http://reader.evilflowers.com/series/crush_on_you/
  3. Thanks @Shinjinotikari17 and @SwirlyOwl for the hard work lately! I will get on it! Ahaha

    1. SwirlyOwl


      No problem. Take your time. I was doing my thing. 😄

  4. Eviyone_v10_ch55_PR View File This is just the PR part for the QC process Submitter Lin-senpai Submitted 05/15/21 Category Editing  
  5. Toshi Densetsu v04 ch17 View File Yay my first time QCing! Hope I did this right! Submitter Lin-senpai Submitted 04/10/21 Category Toshi Densetsu  
  6. CGP v06 ch 28b - epilogue View File Finished all of volume 6 and now we come to a closure on this project. Now I want to read this cuz damn, the last chaps got to me. lol Each folder has their respective subfolders of PNG and PSD files Edit: Have to upload chapters 30 and 31 separately due to size.... Submitter Lin-senpai Submitted 10/25/20 Category Editing  
  7. CGP_v05 - ch28a and v5 epilogue View File Here is the rest of volume 5, both ch 28a and epilogue 5! Both folders contain subfolders for its PNG and PSD files Submitter Lin-senpai Submitted 04/30/20 Category Editing  
  8. CGP_v05_ch27_TS View File Heeeeyyyy! Finally back in action! I hope I didn't lose my touch LOL Folder has subfolders of PNG and PSD files Submitter Lin-senpai Submitted 04/17/20 Category Editing  
  9. Amakusa_1637_v09_ch39_TS View File Contains both PSD and PNG; there was a MTL for the first page, so I translated and had a PR look it over Submitter Lin-senpai Submitted 01/30/19 Category Editing  
  10. Lin-senpai

    KaNC ch40 TS

    KaNC ch40 TS View File Merry late xmas and happy New Year!~ Hope ya like the present lol (both PSD and PNG files) Submitter Lin-senpai Submitted 12/28/18 Category Editing  
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