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  1. Stardust Wink Volume 10. Chapter 46. View File ch. 47, coming up next! Submitter leguchi Submitted 10/04/17 Category Translations  
  2. tryna hold my laptop tight so even after I die, I can still watch anime

  3. What's up guys? it's leguchi here. I guess I'm not too new, but I still wanted to introduce myself anyway. I am currently a college student not ready for her second year (oh god I really wish summer can just go on...) but I guess I have to go and try to graduate...... I'm a translator here and for two other groups so I get pretty busy with the manga scans, but I try my best to keep up! TBH I joined cause I wanted to read the last two chapters of PikaIchi...... but I got to translate that part and now I'm continuing with other projects. I am also on MAL. I go by leguchi there as well, if you do want to add me. I created a club over there called Life As An Otaku. Join if you'd like! aaaaand...... I don't know if I'm missing anything. But whatever, I'll add it on if I think of something. Won't be too hard since I'm already at home on my computer all day anyway. ahaha no friends...... *cry aight deuces!
  4. Non Non Biyori chapter 32 translations... complete~

    Wow, got two done in one day! ^.^

    1. Tessa


      wow, you're on a roll :)))

  5. Non Non Biyori Volume 4 Chapter 32 View File Non Non Biyori chapter 32 translations!! Submitter leguchi Submitted 06/26/17 Category Translations  
  6. Stardust Wink ch. 45 translation: complete~

  7. Stardust Wink Volume 10. Chapter 45. View File Translation for chapter 45! One thing to mention: the page listed as 66 in the raw may or may not be in the correct spot. I made note of where I think it might be. Hope it's accurate... Submitter leguchi Submitted 06/26/17 Category Translations  
  8. NNB 35 Translation: complete~

    1. ayne


      Wheeee, thank you~~


    1. ayne


      Welcome back. :D Now we can get some projects done. :lol:

  10. Super hyped to get started!

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    2. leguchi
    3. ayne


      Can't imagine how hyped I am. :D Finally getting translations to finish projects. <3

    4. lat


      welcome to the team!! :D

  11. May I ask what the abbreviations for the positions are? Thank you in advance!
  12. Hey! I would like to apply for the Japanese translating position! Japanese is my first language and I grew up in the US so I am fluent in English as well. Hope you'll consider me!
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