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  1. I thought about applying but I am not fluent in Japanese, I do okay but Kanji can be a bit hard without hiragana to the side helping me figure out what the word or phrase is.
  2. I like Ichigo from Bleach, Inuyasha they both have great intense expressions, Totoro is always cute to draw. They are jst a couple of my favorites.
  3. Depends on which job I have to go to. At one job I set my alarm for 0445 but do not actually wake up until 0500. At my other job I set my alarm for 0530 and hit snooze until 0600. I am not a morning person, most days I don't want to "adult" and want to sleep in.
  4. I am at an intermediate level in Japanese, I took 3 classes while I was in college years ago. And I do alright in German, my maternal grandmother's family are mostly from Germany and most still speak it at home. Although I am not as good as my sister and brother, it is a very "throaty" sounding language and I never could quite get that sound down very well.
  5. Hello, I am a huge manga fan and have been for many years. i live in the USA. I have to time my readings due to the fact that I get obsessive about finishing the series or I just get impatient for the new releases. Which is part of why I started to translate manga myself about 12 years ago. I enjoy reading a wide variety of manga genres, I also do a bit of drawing or painting my favorite characters. I have been reading manga from evil flowers for a couple of years now and I have always liked the translations.
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