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  1. School seems to never end.

  2. Nevermind my birthday, on Wednesday I get to see Taka and Andy Leo ♥♥

  3. One More day! Just one more then there's hope

  4. Akiyan

    Oboreru Knife

    Oboreru Knife. When I first read this manga I was addicted to it automatically. This story is so deep and makes my heart hurt sometimes. Although I know how it ends I dunno much since I suck at Japanese, but I didn't really like the ending. However, It's still good and I will definitely not spoil anything.
  5. Akiyan


    I love this. It's so realistic at times then it's not and it's definitely a rec!
  6. This manga makes my heart cringe I dunno who to root for....
  7. OML THIS MANGA IS JUST TOO CUTE!!! Thanks for the hard work!!
  8. Akiyan

    Honey Bitter

    Thank you so much for the translations!! I really love this manga! Also is this manga actually still ongoing to this day??
  9. Hoping and praying they cancel exams >.

    1. Nekomikoto


      If they do you'd just have to make it up another day XD... Had that happen one time, in the middle of the test and someone pulls fire alarm... so we had to retake it :/

    2. Akiyan


      Aw that sucks! But due to being snowed out of school I was hoping we'd miss enough days and then they would exempt everyone.

      I'm gonna fail all but two exams T.T

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