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  1. I seriously love this. It's funny cute and endearing. Mei is so adorable!!!!!
  2. Witchblade. Seriously at the end when she sacrifices herself to save her daughter... Well you know.
  3. Hinata hyuuga. Now u know everyone is going to jump on me for this but please hear me out. Hinata pisses me off because in actual sense she is a supporting character. Most of the time she isn't there and just stalking naruto. She is a very bad fit for naruto. What inspired my hatred was the fact that when she marked naruto he stopped fighting and being loud and enthusiastic about things. In essence he stopped being naruto. She sort of "killed" him. She loved him from affair and most of the time naruto couldn't even remember her and suddenly just because she risked her life for him people just
  4. Bakugan was shit. Seriously what pissed me off was the fact they never stayed true to the characters and they always changed partners every season!!!!!!! It would have been so amazing if they had just kept true to themselves yet they became so cliché and superficial.
  5. Hana to akuma, Mei-chan no shitsugi, Love monster and black bird
  6. Animax was cancelled and brought down in 2010 and was replaced by Sony max sadly
  7. In South Africa there isn't much anime to choose from. I discovered anime because You GI Oh was showing on SABC 1 (south African broadcasting confederation) at the time I was 3. And all I knew was that the cartoon looked 'pretty' and I liked it. Later it was replaced by Teletubbies and it really pissed me off! I mean seriously this was stupid! Then I started watching dragon ball z on SABC 2 and I was hooked. DSTV is the best way to watch TV in Africa and they launched Animax in 2009 and I was seriously happy. I watched Negi and Witchblade and black cat and death note. In hindsight an 8 ye
  8. I would also like to become a Quality checker myself. Could the test be sent to me? I really want to be in the Mei-chan no shitsugi team since there hasn't been a new chapter after chapter 67.
  9. I download everything. It's cheaper for me because then I can make a plan on how to get them. I don't know how it works in your countries but Data bundles are expensive in South Africa.
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