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  1. lat

    hey welcome to EF! XD thanks for applying as a translator :D

  2. fluent in korean, english, japanese and manderin
  3. HEY EVERYONE my name is Yuri kwon (: i am from korea currently in japan (: ask me anything, anything all questions will be answered PROMISE please look kindly upon me
  4. download error :S

  5. Waiting and Waiting and Waiting wahhhh ))))):

  6. hi (: I can translate Korean to English and i would love to help you out for anything. I havn't done anything like this before but translating is fairly easy (: I am half korean, born and raised so i know the language like the back of my hand... i went to school in korea for about two years before then moving to australia but keeping up with my language and customs (: Also if i needed some help i could get all of my family to help out thanks, please look kindly upon me (:
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