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  1. Spam_Mail_Hunter_v08_ch35_TS_[EF] View File I am SO terribly sorry for the late upload ;-; Submitter Phoenix Submitted 11/14/18 Category Editing  
  2. OMRK_V4_Ch22_TS_Phoenix View File OMRK_V4_Ch22_TS_Phoenix I laughed so hard in the last few pages Submitter Phoenix Submitted 04/19/18 Category Editing
  3. Phoenix


    Chiro_v07_ch32_TS View File Both PSDs and PNGs inside. Submitter Phoenix Submitted 02/02/18 Category Editing  
  4. Masca_The Kings_v03B_ch04_TS View File Chapter 4 ~ Actually an Extra. Submitter Phoenix Submitted 01/13/18 Category Editing  
  5. I am back!!!

    1. lat


      yay!! sorry I'm mega late XD

    2. Phoenix


      Hehe nope! :D


  6. CIE's are in one month, I will be absent, like completely, from the website. Hope to be back in June. *I feel like I have forgotten typesetting ><*

  7. I Definitely Need Rep. Points for TSing SM Hunter, it's difficult! xD

    1. Phoenix


      *tough not difficult :-D

    2. Nekomikoto


      I'm trying to do what Tessa did previously which is give rep now for any work turned in (TS/PR/ED/QC) if they have not already gotten a point yet :P tho sometimes I tend to forget.

  8. Happy New Year to everyone!!

    1. Ellevora


      Happy new year :) May 2015 be a year of great health and speedy releases :)

    2. Phoenix


      Hehe thanks Elle! :D

  9. The Queen's Knight Vol 17 has gone to another level, it's gone even more interesting! :D

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Phoenix


      Me too! :D

      So glad I became a typesetter and got recruited at evilflowers ^^

    3. Galah


      Haha same, I'm also glad I became a proofreader :3 I get to be the first to read the new releases, and I can help the manga community~ :D

    4. Phoenix


      :D I think most of us joined manga scanlation groups for this purpose xD
  10. I need more reputation points xD

  11. Happy Holidays to everyone! ^^

    1. `Shally.


      Happy Holidays to you too ^^

    2. Phoenix
  12. Hmm I saw that in your signature you are planning to work on Pine in the flower Garden 42, 43 and 44, however on the spreadsheet it says BlueBonnet and Tassha are doing that. If Tessa told you perhaps you could double check with her about it? :S I don't like when there's duplicate work due to miscommunication

    1. Phoenix




      Thanks for letting me know. My trainer has changed to Ayne so now I will be doing what she will be assigning me, updated the list, thanks a lot!

  13. 2015 is already here so early!! (Well, a month left :P)

    1. Unie


      Hey! Hey! Hey! Let's not rush this now. Some of us want to enjoy the rest of the year, especially Christmas.

    2. Phoenix


      :D I want 2016 June when I will finally graduate from high school! xD
  14. I got reputation points!! YAY! Thanks Tessa! :D

    1. Tessa


      You deserved them! Such a hardworking bee you've been :*

    2. Phoenix
  15. Phoenix


    I did int once I guess in 2012 and I wrote 12k words and the novel is still with me and incomplete I wanted to do it but I have so many exams!! >_<
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