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  1. Happy birthday!!! Hope you got lots of presents and managed to eat cake XDDD

  2. Happy birthday !!!!!! :D Have an awesome day!

  3. joopinks


    Cute cat!! Kind of looks like an owl. And one of my best students is names Moka so that made me laugh.
  4. joopinks


    This is what happens when I don't check my e-mail in forever. Iat - I've added you! she-chan - Thanks! I've been away and I need to update it =__+; holania - GG your manga collection!!
  5. oh wow that's fantastic!! Good luck :D You can do it!! :3 Living in Japan must help with speaking/reading/writing the language :) I think that's the best way to learn! Which is another reason I want to live there for a bit once I'm a lot more proficient in Japanese :D

  6. Aiming for the 2 next year!! I'm currently a bit below a 3.

  7. Is that for Japanese right? :D Have you done any of the JLPT Levels? I'm aiming to do Level 5 next July XD hehe It seems like so far away!! (Well it kinda is far away I guess!) haha I want to pick up speed with my learning though- because it's been a bit slow recently with everything else XD

  8. Yeah I need to get my studying in gear!! I took a sample test and I'm not at the the level I want to be.

  9. Thank you :D And you're right- these last few years alone have flown past!! It's crazy! I'm looking forward to going to Japan :) Heheh yeah I don't want to be all alone without knowing the language! I just met up with Sora this afternoon (why I couldnt reply earlier!) and I learnt more kanji! yes! Hai!! XD

  10. Nothing's wrong with planning ahead!! Those few years will pass in no time. And knowledge of the Japanese language is definitely definitely a must when coming here because, man, you might end up in a total village with zero foreigners besides yourself. Ganbatte!!

  11. awww thank you! so nice! :D I was considering it for 2-3 years time (whoa that's like ages away now I write it -> massive forward planner xD) I'm learning Japanese (Sora is teachine me!We live really close together in London!) and would love to speak it somewhat fluently when I go out there :D

  12. joopinks


    Aha it's mostly complaints on limitations with the free account (as in I can't code anything), and sometimes it doesn't post onto my FB. And I accidentally publish drafts I'm working on ALL the time
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