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  1. Maybe I was the age of 7 and 8 years old but I don't know that is calling anime, I call (caricaturas) cartoons, and I liked very much, I don't remember the name but is about robots like Ultraman, or Seven, and several years later at the age of 12, I watch in open t.v. The series Candy Candy and I loved to watch with my mom, it's was a phenomenon in that time, because the day of the final I remember that Mexico paralized all the activities for watch this amazing series...
  2. My very first manga was ... let me see... Ah, Ouran Host Club and yet I not finished to read... Seriously jajaja, because in that time is not finished to translate in my nature language spanish, but I have all the chapters... May be its time to finished don't you think? jajaja...
  3. I have the opportunity first read in spanish (lucky me) and I loved!!! because is the same mangaka who write/draw Hana Yori Dango my favorite of all the mangas....
  4. I read the next mangas: Ageha - first I read in spanish, and later in english Ai to Okane - I read in english Be My Sweet Darling I read in english and later in spanish Crimson Hero - currently I start reading in spanish, and I complete my scans in english, but I not finished in reading because is so good that I make one stand by for it.CRUSH ON YOU - I read in english DON'T TOUCH ME I read in english FULL HOUSE KISS - I read in english and this is the first that I read for your scans and yours translations GOKKO Gokuraku Seishun Hockey Club Goong - I have all the scans and too this is in stand by for me Handmade no Oujisama - this is very cute story He Was Cool - I dance for happiness when you finished for translated Heaven's Mail Johyou to Chuujitsu na Geboku Iinchou no Himegoto Kimi wa Kirakira, Koisuru Heart de Taihoshite, Yoru Café and Tsuiteru Kanojo I love the mangakas, plus I have the raws first for those manga, and later your scans Koiiro Senritsu Double Ouji Mascara Blues Neck and Neck - I love this manhwa Origami - I love Mizuto Aqua Papillon - Hana to Chou Oujisama no Kanojo - I love this story Renai Joujou Tonari no Sugoshin Vanilla Frostingalmost all your works, and I will like you finished very soon the manhwa Oh, My Romantic Kumiho thanks for this space... kisses
  5. this manga is very realistc, and exist one dorama (drama) based on this manga and very recomendable too.
  6. this story is awesome!! I'm fanatic of this, in manga first, then later in anime and after I watch the dorama, I hope very soon the company make one second season, but this is only one wish for me... Can you even imagine that this manga is publishing for the past 11 years??? and this is going and going, all the fans hopes the traduction in english and later in spanish, because the second is my mother language... this story is very recomendable.
  7. Hello my nick-name is shirokitty, and I am new in this forum, please take care of my and the same time I'll take care for all of you, I'm sorry but my english is not my mother language, I speak spanish, but I try my best for communicate to all of you, this forum and this page is awsome, and I admire your anonimous work for translate this fantastics mangas and manhwas, and it's hard and this work is not rewarded, but is aprecciated. Again thanks a lot, and see you later... bye....
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