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  1. STT_v05_ch22_CL View File STT_v05_ch22_CL Submitter Nekomikoto Submitted 07/21/21 Category Editing  
  2. STT_v05_ch21_CL View File STT_v05_ch21_CL Submitter Nekomikoto Submitted 06/13/21 Category Editing  
  3. STT_v05_ch20_CLSTT_v05_ch20_CL View File STT_v05_ch20_CL Submitter Nekomikoto Submitted 05/09/21 Category Editing  
  4. Status: 5 Volumes (Complete) Mangaka: GEORGE Asakura Genre: Drama || Josei || Romance || Slice of Life Translated into Spanish by: Lore-Sub, continued by Black Bird no Fansub Translated into Polish by: Futago Shimai
  5. Nekomikoto


    Translations and cleans are done, & it's in typesetting phase.
  6. Nekomikoto


    I think @Melita_H is actively working on the PR script, right? :D
  7. Nekomikoto


    Yep, 2nd one is rakuen route, can confirm as I've read the series~
  8. If you mean our scanlated versions, here If you mean raws then umm not sure ._. you can try googling the korean name, Oh, My 로맨틱 구미호 and see what pops up
  9. Any dropped projects will be in the Dropped section It looks like @ayne is assigned as the typesetter for this? 😮
  10. 137 is in QC 138-139 has a proofreader assigned to it 140-end needs a translator
  11. Nekomikoto


    Hi there, Unfortunately since that project is so old, we no longer have the PSDs for it. So we won't know for sure what font was used... But that doesn't mean we can't try! There's a thing called WhatTheFont! that can help you identify the font. I used it on that image, and it looks like the closest font would be Sayer Script MN Light
  12. Both Cleaning and Typesetting positions are open for this project. The person that was assigned to TS 69 has poofed, and 70-72 needs to be both Cleaned and Typesetted Then from 73+ (except 79-80) it looks like we need a translator
  13. Neat! Thanks for sharing
  14. Yup, still need a TSer. Please see our editing thread here:
  15. Nekomikoto


    That one is Crush On You Majority of them are from this series.
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