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  1. ok, let me know when you are back. :)

  2. im starting to get active i cant promise anything but i think i can start translating in a bit.

  3. Are you still active?

  4. hey :) That's completely fine ^.^ I totally understand - life is getting hectic for me too and I might have to go on hiatus for a while >./emoticons/default_smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20"> Thanks!

  5. Sorry i cant translate TQK anymore


    I'm too busy I can start up translating again in a month or two. Will you let me translate again at that time?

  6. Sorry I cant translate TQK



  7. hey :D just wondering, are you still Translating TQK? :D

  8. Heyy does anyone know any good manhwa to read or i guess manga? I love Naruto and death note bleach is ok haaa yeah thanks

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Nekomikoto


      What about Noblesse? My bf is like addicted to it O_o; (p.s. it's a webtoon so it's in color :) )

    3. Airspear


      xD I justed started it yesterday, it's cool and funny xD The God Of High School and Soul Cartel is good as well. I think they are webtoons._.colorful

    4. Koreansinger


      aha thanks guys I like webtoons but only some

  9. im so confusedd i cant upload the translations on this site on the right page but i messaged tessa and im confused do i upload the translations on mediafire?! im so confuzzledd-___-;;

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    2. Koreansinger


      cheesecake its upXDDDD

    3. lat


      oh wow!! thank you so much!! *can't wait to read on* xD

    4. Koreansinger
  10. lalalala figuring out this and that.. aha anyone read noblesse?? im reading it right now and its reallyy good:) so's orange marmalade:3

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    2. Koreansinger


      well i was going to translate ciel but i'm doing nocturne right now:) aha that sucks i might be able to do it if i finish nocturne:)

    3. lat


      ohhhh!!! I didn't realise you were a korean TL here! I'm so sorry for not welcoming you to the staff sooner!! :o I feel bad >.< sorry! Aww thank you! :) don't worry, Nocturne needs a TL love also :) so thank you very much! ^^

    4. Koreansinger


      this is really late but yeah it's ok aha do you translate?


  11. i wanna translateeexDD nocturne pleaseeee but anything else is fine too:)

    1. wicKedEly


      awww... you just wait, and tessa will give you projects soon! but it's a waste to TL flower garden coz I've finished it already... btw, congrats! and welcome!! *confetti*

    2. Koreansinger
  12. hey! welcome to EF! :D

  13. BOOYAH! 1st and 2nd comment for the taking!!

  14. 'Main person' lol no.

    I'm like a 'standby' for the main person who is currently in some situation. I've only completed one manhwa but I look forward to doing more >:D

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