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  1. Your welcome and thanks :) (I'll need the good luck :/ )

  2. I can take chapter 25 as well :) I will be done all my exams after the 24th!!! (YAY

  3. I loved your dance <3

  4. Phew, glad you haven't started and your welcome :)

  5. Hey Subaru :) I'm almost done TL ch 16 of HnR so you don't have to do it :) Sorry for the late notice and I hope you haven't started it yet. Sorry :/

  6. And ur welcome ;)



  7. when do you want me to finish it by?



  8. Yes, in fact I will probably finish translating it within the next 12 hours :)

  9. I had finished ch 23 already and forgot to upload it, sorry... I just uploaded it now and ch 24 is half done. Also I won't be able to reply to your messages for the next 2 days because I will be at a camp where there's no internet or wi-fi :(

  10. Sorry lat, summer break just ended and I'm starting to get a bit busy... I just need to double check it and then I'm done :)

  11. I can speak, write, and read in Japanese and. Kind of in French and I know some Spanish and a really little bit of Hindi..... . Everyone here knows soo many !!!
  12. yeah im half way done... I might be able to finish it during this weekend if I'm free :)

  13. your welcome and I can translate ch 23 :)

  14. I uploaded chapter 21 :D

  15. Should be up tomorrow :)

  16. Almost done! Just double checking it

  17. I'm working on v05 chapter 21.


    Did you want me to work on a diffrent chapter too?

  18. Good to hear that you like it and ur welcome :)

  19. Good to hear that you like it and ur welcome :)

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