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  1. Wheee! You look like a promising applicant ! I hope you pass! <3 Wowwww medical school. I recently dropped Bio, so I'm kinda in awe as to how you can cope with all those big terms and whatnot @___@ Well, I just hope you enjoy yourself here at EF, and join us sometime on chatango~ :3 evilflowers.chatango.com
  2. Haha I'm in the midst of completing the TSing :o

  3. Hehe I'll be sending you a review of your TS Test soon, maybe sometime today :D If you've got any questions, I'll be online for a long long time (even for your timezone haha xD )

  4. Hello :D I'm your new typesetting trainer :3

  5. CANDYNESS~ <3 Hehe ;D Welcome to EF! I'm sure you'll do well here haha xD Do talk to us on chatango, though it might not be really active at times xD I hope you don't drop dead with all the work from EF and TR It gets hectic at times >< Overall, it's awesome that you decided to join us!!
  6. Haha, I think you've figured that out already xD Since I saw you on the chat just now :3


    Ahhh, okay then :D At least you have something in mind already.


    Yay~ That's good :D

  7. Ooh! So that's your concern. xD Some ppl know because we gossip a lot, especially about new applicants :3 So once you 'pass', most of the time the other staff people would know via chatango (we hang out there) :D


    Has Tessa given you a project to work on?


    For the tips on cleaning, you could always post in the Help Section, under Cleaner/Typesetter Help :)

  8. Hmm, there really isn't a section to see who are the recruits and who are official, but the trainer who's in charge of you will inform you if you're in training, or if you're an official staffer :) Usually the people under training would do real chapters, just that they receive feedback. If it is satisfactory, then the trainer'll decide if you're ready to work like a rea...

  9. Have fun here at EF :D If you have any probs feel free to ask :3

  10. I was having some probs with the script, so Scayth helped reTL them, and now I'm almost done with chapt 2 (it's half done) but I'm completing the oneshot first before completing OMRK :)

  11. Hey Scayth, are you free to recheck the PR script of Oh My Romantic Kumiho chapt 2a? There are some missing TLs and it's throughout, so it would be awesome if you just edit the PR script straight :) Then send it to me :D

  12. Haha same here with Ani xD I'm too poor~ Haha Good luck with the test~
  13. Aww so cuteeee I can't get enough of seeing you two lovebirds <3 IN FACT, I LOVE ALL LOVEBIRDS <3 Tessa X Deus, Sora X Dragos, Neko X 21-year-old (sorry xD) , Lat X Tom ! AND MANY MOREEEE <3
  14. Awwwww sho cute!! How old is he again?
  15. Yeap! 9 volumes But the scanlation site hasn't fully scanlated it, and the most recent release is about 150 days ago
  16. I'm backz babehhh <3 ~

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    2. lat


      awwww *hug* don't worry!! <3

    3. lat


      ohhhh OMRK yay!! XD ohohohohoho XD I need to check with smilllle whether she has uploaded TL yet but I think there are a couple of chapters for you to do XD

    4. AyukawaAine
  17. Aww <3 You're so sweet >< Hehe I just finished! YAY <3

  18. 2 days, 3 more tests! Then I'll be free~

    1. shechan


      good for you~ goodluck!!! >.<

    2. Ani


      Go, go, Ayu~ Good luck!

  19. Welcome to EF~ Hope you enjoy yourself here :3 ~
  20. Hehe welcome Yuri! Wahhh how's it like in Japan? :3 I've always wanted to go there at least once! Hope you like it here at EF Come chat with us on the cb too! evilflowers.chatango.com
  21. Jap RAWs: 9 Banme no Musashi (Vol 15~21 END) [Chinese RAWs for volume 16 and 18 too.] 9 Banme no Musashi -Mission Blue- (Vol 2~6) Waltz (Vol 1~5) [Recently scanlated 70 days ago, so I dont think we should take this? xD] Chinese RAWs: With a Strange Temperature Koi wo suru made Kaesanai (Vol 1, chapt 3 not released.) Bouquets of Flowers for the Sleepless Knight (5 oneshots and one afterstory of one of the oneshots. Only 2 of the oneshots were released.) Saiunkoku Monogatari (Vol 1~5) [Another group has put it under "Medium priority" and the most recent release is about 123days ago.] It's really easy for me to get Chinese and Japanese raws, but I havent tried Korean ones. I have Korean relatives though, so I could ask them hehe xD
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