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  1. STT_v05_ch20_TS View File Chapter 20 ❤️ Last page almost killed me cos of all those "friends", hopefully it looks alright 😅 Submitter AyukawaAine Submitted 06/21/21 Category Editing  
  2. STT_v04_ch19+epilogue_TS_PSD View File Chapter 19 PSD 😄 Submitter AyukawaAine Submitted 06/20/21 Category Editing  
  3. STT_v04_ch19+epilogue_TS_PNG View File Chapt 19 TS (PNG) Submitter AyukawaAine Submitted 06/20/21 Category Editing  
  4. STT_v05_ch24_PR View File Chapt 24 up! Epilogue to go! Submitter AyukawaAine Submitted 06/03/21 Category Proofreading  
  5. STT_v05_ch23_PR View File Today's a holiday so I pulled out another one hehe STT_v05_ch23_PR or Vol 5 Chapt 4 2 more to go! Submitter AyukawaAine Submitted 05/13/21 Category Proofreading  
  6. STT_v05_ch22_PR View File Vol 5 Chapt 22 (or Vol 5 chapt 3) done! Submitter AyukawaAine Submitted 05/13/21 Category Proofreading  
  7. STT_v05_ch21_PR View File Chapter 21 for STT! Vol 5 Chapt 2 for reference. We're almost there! Submitter AyukawaAine Submitted 05/09/21 Category Proofreading  
  8. YAAAAAAS Feels good to be back baby! Hope everyone's been doing well!!

    1. Tessa


      Great to have you back! *hugs*

  9. STT_v05_ch20_PR View File STT Chapt 20 PR Submitter AyukawaAine Submitted 11/20/17 Category Proofreading  
  10. STT v04 ch19 PR View File Chapter 19! Submitter AyukawaAine Submitted 08/21/17 Category Proofreading  
  11. STT v04 ch18 PR View File PR-ed Chapter 18 of STT Submitter AyukawaAine Submitted 08/05/17 Category Proofreading  
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AYNEEEE!!!! <3 -maybe belated cos timezone problems urgh- Love yaaaa stay warm and beautiful~ ;D (gosh I sound like an old man / player )

    1. ayne


      Awwww, thanks! :3

  13. If anyone needs a "did not pass" to be sent out, do contact me.

    1. Nekomikoto



      nobody applied recently for editor tho ;w;

  14. Officially returned to my haven <3

  15. Welcome to our humble abode ! <3 ~ Hope you enjoy yourself here with awesome hot goodies :3
  16. When can I get back to failing ppl? :x ~

    1. SoRa.


      -legasp- you should've told me you wanted to get back to that! I had a few I needed to fail recently!

    2. Nekomikoto


      lololol XDD gogo messenger of fail!

  17. I'm bored! :o

    1. Cheesecake


      Donate those time to me then, lol

    2. AyukawaAine


      If I could, I would DDD: ><

  18. Ohhhhyeahhh. Btw, if there's any proofreading that needs to be done by this weekend, I'm free :D Like REALLY free xD Just that I dont have PS now so if you want TS you need to wait a little for me to DL PS and all them fonts hahaha.

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