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  1. Hey koko, TQK hasn't been typeset yet. Should I check the PR files or wait for TS version?

  2. Aww, it's alright ^^ I'll stop by again ^^

  3. Hey! Sorry for the late reply, and yes ^^ It's totally fine with me. If Meli finds it to be too much then I can take over, otherwise it's alright with me if she does it ^^

  4. Hey Subaru, are you free to please TL one chapter from RnA? :)

  5. Anne

    Hey! I miss you guys too! Almost back, this semester's almost done! BUWAHAHAHA!!





  6. Anne

    Oh, haha, hello there ^^


    I like your avatar btw

  7. It's the links posted in the "Raws" topic :)


    Here you go ^^ ---> http://evilflowers.com/ipboard/index.php?/topic/624-rna-raws/

  8. Hey! I'm really sorry for replying late! And about your TLs, no, no, they're great! Sometimes I improvise a bit on the meanings, to make it a bit clearer for the readers (or sometimes just to make it fancier XD) Other times if I'm not entirely sure about some text, I ask a TLer to clarify it from the Japanese raws. The changes you mostly see are me improvising :$

  9. Anne

    still can't handle*

  10. Anne

    Hey Tessa, sorry for replying late. Umm, let me try this week and the next? (That's how long I'm on break) If I still handle it, then, yeah, I guess someone else will have to take over :(

  11. Anne

    Hey! Yeah, I'm still here. Sorry for not having updated TQK yet. School's been crazy... BUT! I have a break coming up in about a week so I'll be able to post stuff then :)

  12. Anne

    Hehe, oops XD But yes, it is motivating as well XD

  13. Anne

    Tessa, that onion head in your signature is so mesmerising o.O


    I spent I don't know how long just looking at it go right, then centre, then left, then centre...

  14. Anne

    No problem ^^ I'm glad you could find someone to do it when I went *poof* :$


    How were the Olympics? :D

  15. Anne

    Oh oh! Do you still need me to work on Edo? I had a look at the thread and Kritter had it almost done :)

  16. Anne

    Hey! Sorry to have troubled you about Edo Karuta :$ And thank you! ^^

  17. is back! (Almost) :D

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    2. SoRa.


      Yayy~ Welcome back Anne!!!! We missed you <3

    3. Ani


      I'm late, so I'm assuming you're officially back. Welcome back~

    4. Anne


      Thanks everyone! ^^ I missed you guys too! <3

  18. Alrighty, I'm off! I'll miss you guys! Take care everyone! I'll see you all in a month! :D

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    2. SoRa.


      Anne! Have fun dear~ and see you when you come back! Will miss you >____<

    3. lat


      bye anne!!! sorry for my late reply >.< ill miss you!! <3

    4. Anne


      Thanks everyone! ^^ I missed you guys! <3

  19. Happy birthday Tronny! I hope you have a lovely day! ^^

  20. Anne

    Oops! lol, no, no, I meant dynasty warriors :$

  21. I'll try to. Just the final checking's left for 45 and I've started doing 46 :)

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