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  1. Happy birthday, Anne.

  2. SoRa.

    Anne! Happy Birthday~~~

  3. lat

    i miss you Anne!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. SoRa.

    Anne!!!! where are you?! come baaaack~ we miss you! <3

  5. Udara

    Happy birth day Anne :D

  6. happy birthdayyyy :3!

  7. lat

    happy birthday anne! <3

  8. SoRa.

    Anne!! You're back?! I missed you so much!!

  9. Someone already typeset it, but I'm checking it. I will send the link to you.

  10. Hey koko, TQK hasn't been typeset yet. Should I check the PR files or wait for TS version?

  11. If you're back now, is it possible for you to QC PITFG ch22 and TQK?

  12. Aww, it's alright ^^ I'll stop by again ^^

  13. Hey! Sorry for the late reply, and yes ^^ It's totally fine with me. If Meli finds it to be too much then I can take over, otherwise it's alright with me if she does it ^^

  14. Are you okay with Melita QCing ch23-24 of PITGF? I had the impression that you were away, so I asked her to fix the names weeks ago. I'm sorry I didn't ask you sooner ><

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