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  1. Manga: Trigun Maximum, (first manga I read and finished) Anime: I used to watch every morning Daa Daa Daa (UFO Baby) and there are lots and old. Dragon Ball is what I grew up with.
  2. yo Cheesecake!! Tessa gave me a deadline, after summer. Hope I can finish all of it. SKS I mean. :)

  3. You haven't turn in anything for a while :)

  4. I just finished chapter 6, but i left some of the large SFXs, it covers hairstrands and i'm not good at redrawing that :(

    1. Tessa


      Don't worry, we usually don't clean large SFX :) . We consider them art! XD

  5. Tessa

    Hey, how's everything going? :)

  6. it's actually ... nickname-like, the full is Sroastica. :)

  7. Such a strangely similar name to SoRa xD

  8. Tessa

    Kinda late, but welcome! ^^

  9. Thank you Cellas!

  10. welcome to EF, btw =DD

  11. Ok! Thank you both of you :D

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