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  1. lat

    missing you and emooooo!!!

  2. lat

    hey! long time no speak! how are you? :3

  3. vyxsin

    Yeah yeah, we have traditional christmas dinner etc. Just a busy week of shopping ^^

  4. lat

    I'm good thank you :D Christmas is proving to be really busy xD hehe in terms of getting presents for people and work!! Work has gotten suddenly very hectic eep! And I need to finish things before I go to India for 2 weeks beginning of January xD Any Xmas plans? :)

  5. vyxsin

    I'm good thanks! How are you? Busy for christmas?

  6. lat

    hey!! :D how are you ? :D thought I'd pop and say hello! !! XD

  7. Naw thanks. But your translations were fine. I like the series as well ^^ hope to work with you again soon :D

  8. sorry for my bad english though~~

    I'll do my best next time!

    You're a very good PRer I heard.

  9. Heh. Indeed. I have moved up in the world (well kinda...more like just made my work load huge :/) You translated Looking for the princess right? I am proofreading it. Very nice work ^^

  10. wow! you're a typereader!!

  11. awww vyxsin sorry to hear that... take your time to deal with the personal matters :) and yup, we'll miss you! we'll be awaiting your return~ and yup you were one of the best PRers here at EF. I'd rate myself lower than you.

  12. lat

    Hey :) hope you're ok :) And don't worry about how long you need - we will miss you though :D You're a great PR too xD

  13. vyxsin


    Hello! And welcome! ^^
  14. Typereader it is then :3

  15. Ok, this could go on for hours. I think Typereader sounds best ^^

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