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  1. Thanks for the birthday wish. :) Sorry it's taken so long to reply, I'm on holiday and this is the first time I've managed to get my hands on a computer of sorts. Thanks once again~

  2. Soraaa, thanks~ Sorry it's taken me so long to reply, I'm on holiday and this is the first time I've managed to get my hands on a computer-thingy. Anyway, thanks for the birthday wish~

  3. Your video has been removed for spam. :D

  4. You're back~~~ And your 'interests' reeks of Dragos. ~_~

  5. Dragos, I want to marry your signature.

  6. Sorry, it's a bit late since I wasn't online yesterday, but happy birthday Tessa~ I hope you had a nice day :) I'll go PR now...(doesn't want to get yelled at).

  7. Happy Birthday, waifu~ Have a great day...well, what's left of it (almost 9:00 PM here). -Birthday glomps-

  8. Yo Cellasnyan, I will officially be stalking your profile until we meet on CB. I HAVE NEWS REGARDING THE PATH OF YURI AND BOYS. Oh, and I miss my cute wife too, obviously~

  9. Bah, fine. Yeah, I'll go study now...Keep thinking up non-perverted titles~

  10. lol true~ Except I don't do directly below :) Keep it second in command...assistant makes me sound like your bitch.

  11. God, why you hack into my profile again?! Still, the pony thing's cool...but make it rainbow dash in the future? And it's x5ga's second in command & closet tsundere~

  12. OR 'x5ga's closet tsundere second in command'?

  13. Lol the only thing I can think of is 'sweetie.' BUT THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN. 'x5ga's second in command/Queen of the Maids'?

  14. Fine, it was just a suggestion, since Queen of the Maids obviously wasn't going to happen. I'll settle for x5ga's assistant. ~_~ Although I prefer 'second-in-command'.

  15. They aren't human. They're just life sized robots. Or giant barbie dolls.

  16. Oh, I know - can I be called 'the chosen one'?~

  17. I'm you're assistant, but I'm not a loli. It's an insult to be seventeen years old and a loli.

  18. But I'm not a loli...and I refuse to be your maid. I know EF's got a shortage of loli maids, but still, I refuse to let you infect me with your delusions.

  19. ...I'll take Queen of the Maids...that's fair, right?

  20. Wait, actually, don't change it back...my previous name had the word 'poof' in it. ~_~ GET RID OFF THE LOLI BIT NOW. <-- (new and improved demand).

  21. Oh God...you actually did it. CHANGE IT BACK NOW. Otherwise, I'm forever calling you papa. I'll also say mean stuff about you to Sorapyon, and corrupt your lolis.

  22. Psh. You wouldn't do that to me, would you now, papa?

  23. Fine, I'll do my best. ~_~ Now go play with your lolis or QC something. (lol I told someone to do work...I'm such a badass~)

  24. ... 100%...in Ancient Greek...IT CANNOT BE DONE. Seriously, you may as well change it now 'cos that's impossible. ~_~

  25. For once, I'm happy to agree with you. Now I've got to go study...I've wasted half an hour of precious revision time by comma spamming you.

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