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    Wherever there's food~
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    Skydiving with no parachutes, Cordless Bungee jumping, Riding the choo-choo train, Impersonating rocks, dancing naked in the corn fields, Twilight, jumping in puddles and laughing like a maniac, eating dead leaves, sexting while driving. <-- lulz. jokes. These are much more interesting than my real interests~

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  1. *sobsob* missing you already >_______<

  2. Kuro... You didn't tell me you were retiring. D:

  3. Thanks for the birthday wish. :) Sorry it's taken so long to reply, I'm on holiday and this is the first time I've managed to get my hands on a computer of sorts. Thanks once again~

  4. Soraaa, thanks~ Sorry it's taken me so long to reply, I'm on holiday and this is the first time I've managed to get my hands on a computer-thingy. Anyway, thanks for the birthday wish~

  5. Desuuuuu~<3 Happy Birthday~

  6. happy birthday!! :D

  7. Happy birthday! & happy every day. ^_^

  8. Your video has been removed for spam. :D

  9. I'm not totally back yet xD Tocchan made a new account for me cos my one was deleted whilst I was away~ so he filled out all those bits for me xD

  10. You're back~~~ And your 'interests' reeks of Dragos. ~_~

  11. Dragos, I want to marry your signature.

  12. from x5ga: i miss arguing with you. get your ass on chatango.


    from me: dear, I miss chu.

  13. Sorry, it's a bit late since I wasn't online yesterday, but happy birthday Tessa~ I hope you had a nice day :) I'll go PR now...(doesn't want to get yelled at).

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