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  1. BuConAp


    PGE_v34_c136 View File . Submitter BuConAp Submitted 01/11/16 Category Proofreading  
  2. BuConAp


    PGE_V33_c135 View File . Submitter BuConAp Submitted 01/06/15 Category Proofreading  
  3. BuConAp


    All of the chapters are in order on our online reader , although the chapter numbers restart in volume 4 since the previous group used a different numbering system; we follow the author's numbering system.
  4. Hi bu! How is KT007 proofs coming along? :)

  5. Can you please PR OK next? Thanks.

  6. hello! :D Sorry to bother you! I was just wondering if you had managed to do ch 23 of SDGM? :) also ch 24 has just been posted :D thanks!

  7. heya :D Just to let you know I posted ch 20 and ch 21 of SDGM :D yay! Thank you :)

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