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  1. Happy Birthday Tamashii!!! Take a rest for today ^^.

  2. 24 Projects and Exams till the 7th of February ... somehow I'll have to survive ...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Nekomikoto


      holy crap O________O

      good luck ;-;

    3. Tamashii
    4. ayne


      Poor you... Good luck, give it your best shot!

  3. @ Frame around the quotes: Invision support just wrote me that they cannot do anything about it. I will fix the problem myself ASAP. Best wishes, Tamashii
  4. Changes from the 6th of January 2014: Change: Portal is set as the Site-Homepage Change: Avatar sizes adjusted so they display max possible size on Forum Pages Change: Avatar size was reduced on the popup messages, so they don't go over the design Change: Avatar upload max size set to 500KB for all User-Groups Change: Avatar max dimensions set to 200x250px for all User-Groups Bugfix: Problem with Status Messages on the Profile Page was fixed Bugfix: Multi Moderation - was enabled for threads Best wishes, Tamashii
  5. 5 Spoiler Haha I am testing the spoil!
  6. I'm working non-stop to fix the many bugs on the system...

  7. Happy birthday! (Again XD)

  8. I'm healthy again :)

    1. lat


      glad you feel better :) yay!

  9. Looks like I caught a flu or something ... I'm going to bed. It's possible that I can't finish the current chapter on time though.

    1. lat


      oh no! *hugs* hope you get better!

  10. Welcome to EF! Have fun ;)

  11. hmmm - must be due to different browsers then :S i know some people had trouble putting up their backgrounds to being with e.g. they couldnt even see it!

  12. I see your background - no problem here ...

    I'm using FireFox 5

    Also seems to work with IE 8.

    I'm afraid the problem lies else where. Does anyone else have problems with the background?

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