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    Why are you reading my profile? If you want to talk, just send me a message or something XD

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  1. Ani

    Lily... What is this I see about sexually harassing me? o-o"... (Four months late, but oh well XD)

  2. I love how my name is pink in this forum...

  3. Such a strangely similar name to SoRa xD

  4. oh, lilypill!! haha yeap, I remember you of course. Such long time since we last chatted o_o

  5. Nope. See? Look! A standard police-issue Banhammer *points at banhammer* it's beautiful~

  6. That better be a joke or else we're all doomed.

  7. Haha yeapppp! INORI <3

  8. I am the Evil Flowers police dear~

  9. So NOW you admit to it, eh?

    Why, of course the first that I'd do is report you to the EF police. Isn't it obvious?

  10. So what if i did? Ohohohohohoho.

  11. Bleh. I did not harrass my daughter. ~

  12. Nuuuu, Cellas, we've met before! *points to self* I is Lilypill from chatango ;_; Dunt you remember me at all?

  13. So says the Loli-obsessed kitten-man-thing.

  14. meet you *

    *spam spam spam*

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