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  1. My first anime was Ninja Robots. It used to air on cartoon network when i was really small (7 or 8 years old i think). At that time i thought it was western cartoon since i used to watch it and The Centurions and Swat Cats. After a decade i started watching Full Metal Alchemist/Inuyasha among others and knew that they were anime...
  2. I really like this webtoon. simply awesome. But the thing i hate about it is the format. Its well long. Each page is so freaking long. I am about chapter 25 now so cant really comment much ( hey i discovered webtoons recently )
  3. My first manga was Full Metal Alchemist. I used to watch it on animax. However i missed a few episodes so did a google intending to download em. and voila i discovered FMA Manga
  4. My Manga/Manhwa/Manhua reading list is too long to list here. But the most recent ones ive started is Noblesse/Tower of God/Dr. Frot/Wonted/Magician/Wishwood. All of them are Korean webtoons. I had started reading Magician and after 10 odd chapters got hooked and searched for scanlated korean webtoons and started reading them. right now im reading +C sword and Cornett though.
  5. fidelc

    Hi :)

    Hiya and welcome ( though i joined later than you, still... welcome ). Your English is pretty good though. I have seen written English that is way worse here among my colleagues and I am in a former British colony where most of the official paperwork etc is done in English.
  6. I can play the ektara, tabla and guitar. The ektara isn't really difficult to play, but sounds awesome. And I love how each ektara sounds slightly different than the other (the ones made traditionally). Tabla Im not good i guess. Not much of a guitar player ut i love messing around with an electric guitar Oh btw for those who have no idea what an ektara is, its a traditional one string instrument from India. Spoiler
  7. My favourites animes would be Code Geass, Monster, Kurozuka, Gintama, Gantz, Basilisk, Black lagoon among others. thoug my all time favourite anime would have to be code geass ( since it isnt ripper off from a manga )
  8. I would really like a lot of manga turned into anime PROVIDED that 1) dont change the story so much. 2) dont add boring filler eps 3) continue the full storyline and not just stop inbetween. If the above conditions are met i would like to see UxU, MARS, Half Prince, The One, Ubel blatt, Gantz ( i know it has anime but stops in between), Jabberwocky among others to be turned into anime without diluting their essence.
  9. Hello Everyone! I am not really sure how to introduce myself here, but anyways: I am currently a student and my interests include other than the obvious manga) video games, novels, tv series and running. Well running is a weird choice for my main sport interest, but I enjoy it nevertheless . @[email protected] In Novels I read recently ( I read em recently doesn't mean that they were released recently ), I liked The Old kingdom series by Garth Nix, Black Dagger Brotherhood series, The children of Hurin (the only title i liked from LotR universe), and Blood of the Elves and The Last wish by Andrzej Sapkowski. My favorite TV series would include house md, The good wife, dexter, the listener, the mentalist, the fixer. In video games I mainly play pretty much anything except sports, god awful fps clones of Call of duty series, MMORPGs. My favorites would be The Witcher, Dragon Age Origins, Mass Effect/2, Assassins creed/2/brotherhood, Quake 3, Diablo 2, Crysis on the PC. On consoles Radiant historia, Star ocean/2, God of War/2, pretty much all Shin Megami Tensei titles except persona 3/4, Final fantasy series upto 10, Tales of the abyss, chrono trigger, Radiata stories, shadow hearts/2/3, tales of destiny etc. I used to really be into anime at first. But then i discovered manga. And i rarely watch anime from then on ( except awesome exceptions like Code geass). I usually prefer seinin/Josei over shounen/shoujo but I am game pretty much for anything, though I prefer the lesser known titles with more substance than mainstream ones. MY favourite ones are too many to include here
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