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  1. Hey Lat! Just popping by to say hi :) Thanks for the birthday wish :D Hope everything's going good for you!

  2. sick of work D:

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    2. lat


      thank you ^^ I'm good thanks :D very busy but good xD hehehe

    3. moonsong
    4. lat


      missing you moonsong! Hope work is ok :D

  3. Goodbye EF!! It was good while it lasted! :D Thanks to all those who've helped me out during my time here, especially Sora! Thank you Lat, Tessa and Ayne too! Bye! *Waaves*

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    2. lat


      bye moonsong! sorry I'm so late! >< I was in India! We will miss you!!!! Good luck and thank you for everything! :)

    3. ayne


      I want you baaaaaack. ;__________;

    4. moonsong


      i want to like your comment but i can't!

      cry not, i'll try to pop by as often as i can! :D

  4. Counting down to the end~

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    2. moonsong


      thank you lat! you're the sweetest :D Happy New Year to you too!!

    3. lat


      aww thank you!! :D Have a lovely evening! :)

    4. moonsong
  5. no problem, fellow singaporean! ;)

  6. hello! the topic is locked so i thought i'd reply here :) those chinese characters can be read in japanese too actually ^^ it means 'happy new year' :)

  7. No problem ;) I'm glad it's all done too! :D

  8. no problem :) take your time! i don't really like the storyline, or actually, the lack of it though ^^

  9. no problem ^^ i'll be done with ch6 soon but it's really weird and random! lol.

  10. Hello, welcome to EF :)

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