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  1. Eh? It's still on private? > < Gomen! I'll change the settings again. I'm soo sorry!
  2. Ah. So I'll set it to private, then? >_<" I'm sorry.
  3. So, uh, I finished with Chapter 12 and 12.5. I hope this upload works well. ^^ Chapter 12 Chapter 12.5
  4. Papillon~

    DSGL - Credits

    What volume & chapter was this left off?
  5. Haha. No. XD I suck at zis game all the time~ Next is, Lat?
  6. Most likely, yes. 8D I'm already weird. Muwahahaha. @[email protected] //shot Said something you'd never say in real life when you thought it was a dream but you were actually saying it aloud because you were half conscious and it embarrassed you? (If you get what I mean) @[email protected]
  7. Ahaha~ Nope. Nyaaa~ Next is uhh...hira? o.o
  8. Ah, Hey there! Nice to meet you. I hope so too. Thanks~! ^^v
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