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  1. i liked this manga because it was a funny manga at first but now is also a bit serios and i still like it @[email protected]
  2. @[email protected] i really like this manwha is one of my favourite. the relations between Lele and Eros is really funny but also really serios
  3. my first manga.... was inuyasha combined with fruits basket
  4. i think i cried at Fruits Basket, Ayashi no Ceres (i cried so much at this anime... @[email protected] ), Nana
  5. i'm watching Bleach, Inuyasha Kanketsu hen, Gallery Fake and re-watching Kyo kara maou, 12 kindoms, saingoku monogatari.....of course not all in the same day.. @[email protected]
  6. i think i would like to see Arakure,tokyo crazy paradise, hot blodded woman, Love in the Mask, Rockin' Heaven, Tokyo Juliet, Knight Princess, The one, Vanilla ice....... many actions manga @[email protected]
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