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  1. the manga is deeeff great....so is the anime...but i wish it was longer!
  2. this is like one of the best webcomic ever(next to PINK LADY) the art is like gorgeous...it gets even better later on! wish this would turn into an anime but manwhas and webcomics dont have animes xp!
  3. this manga is just siiiiccckkk! so much blood and killing! i love it....i cant wait for the anime this fall! hopes it will b good!
  4. i've seen this anime, but didnt watch it cuz i had a feeling it wud be one of those sad depressing anime where someone will die or disappear later....is it? mayb i shud try to watch it....
  5. this is a great manwha! i loe how the art is soooo realistic...i really wanna kno more about the twins past....although its good i think the drama is too much...i dnt like too much drama...it makes me all depressed...hopes it gets better
  6. this anime made me cry like in every fricken damn episode.....the most touching anime ever! i reccomend ANGEL BEATS to everyone....it has 13 eps.... and i like cried 11 out of 13 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. lynnnne989


    this anime was really good, but it started to get tooo depressing for me(i drop animes/mangas that may have deaths/become a tragedy) so i quit watching this..............
  8. i have alot......i really want WITCH HUNTER and BRIDE OF THE WATERGOD to be turned into an anime....i super excited for beelzebub!!(hope they wnt ruin it like fairy tail or nurarihyon no mago) and i want the breaker, code:breaker, NOBLESSE, tower of god(although theres only 11 ch. rite now), and sooooooo much more!
  9. another one is nurarihyon no mago...I loooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeedddddddd the manga...but when it came to the anime...i wasnt so excited anymore...sure the art/graphics were good (better than fairytail) but they mixed up the stories a little so i got disappointed about that........i liked the storyline from the manga better
  10. o....i remember now...i hated minorin in toradora....she was cute at first then she got annoying to me....other than that i dnt think i hate any others
  11. heyyy there!!! im new here....just signed up yesterday! im vietnamese and i love mangas/manwhas/manhwas!!!!!!!!! im super addicted to it! ive read tons of it already, im pretty sure i read/am reading at least half of all the mangas on mangafox!!!! if anyone wanna kno which manga is good come to me! i have TONS to reccomend! and if anyone know ANY NEW manga plz reccomend them to me 2 k CHAO ^^
  12. i usually dnt really hate many characters in anime....lets see if i can think of one.......nope doesnt seem like i do....
  13. ugh that'd be fairy tail!! sure the storyline was pretty much the exact same but...like theres not the same excitement that i get from reading it....and the art is also pretty bad....that was a manga that was ruined by the anime in my opinion!
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