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  1. xD seems like we stalk each other... cause I still remember some horrible blisters on your feet LOLOL

  2. Guess I'm back XD Yay

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    2. Melita_H


      Yay! Welcome back! ^_^

    3. jujubejules


      Woot! Welcome back!

    4. AyukawaAine


      Welcome back Cellas <3 I've been stalking your instagram hehe :D

  3. *megaglomp* it's good to be back :DD

  4. laaat! hello =D awwww yes, it's been too long D: BUUUUT I'm actually going to be on break from work, so guess I'll be able to come and help a little bit!! yaaaay

  5. hey Tess! sorry for not replying earlier... Yes, it's ok to assign someone. I can't finish those PGE chapters at all D: so busy. I'm sorry about it. I'll try to be back as soon as I can!

  6. Lat, I'm sorry for taking so long to reply! =(


    I couldn't finish OC or PGE, I'm sorry. I've been so busy lately... If it's ok, please do assign someone to do it. Nekomikoto has all the PSDs I've done so far... try talking to her =))

  7. nekoooooo~~


    how are you?! I miss you TT^TT

  8. hey, Lat! Oh, I don't mind!! Please go ahead... I'm suddenly busy again and will have to slow down my pace Dx I'll still finish OC and PGE tho!

  9. sure! I'll do them then =) and thanks!

  10. sooruchan~~ I'm fine! well, kinda busy lately... and you're right, it's been so long!! I'm kind of inactive from EF but am coming back slowly. What about you?? How's life going?? XDD

  11. lat, hey! how have you been??


    so, I'm kinda back and looking for something to TS hahaha tessa told me I should check with you whether OC chapter 24 needs TSing or not... So, how's it? =D

  12. Well then, I have to say goodbye to TSing for now... Please, no one needs to cry xD I'll be back when I get everything sorted out =D. So, byebye everyone... See you later~

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    2. Cellas002


      thanks, girls~~! I'll miss all of you! <3

      Nekochan, no time to TS, busy life lately... So I'll be back when I actually have enough time xD

    3. Nekomikoto


      Aw okay ;w; hope you come back soon!~

    4. lat


      wahhh i didnt see this *cries* but i did and do miss you! so glad you are back for a bit! <3

  13. sorapyooooooooooooooooooooooooooon.


    TT^TT I miss you

  14. Kokas! I'm fine about it. If there's no one else interested... Couldn't reply before TT^TT no computer

  15. hi, Lat! sorry I couldn't answer before. Thanks for letting me know =)



  16. FINALLY BACK! My computer went BOOM for some days =(

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    2. Melita_H


      :o Oh my...well, glad your computer is functional now. ^_^
    3. SoRa.


      Welcome back cellas-chaaan~*glomp*

    4. lat


      welcome back cellas chan!! <3

  17. Bah =\ that's sad. well... I hope something like that won't ever happen again.

  18. Whoa, that's so sad to hear. We really can't trust people, huh? That's really bad =(


    I hope she'll be back someday with the raws. =(

  19. Latchan, it's okay about the TSing!! I wasn't mad or anything. I know this kinda thing happens. It wasn't your fault or anything like that =) Also, you mean we spent money and Karra vanished with them!??!?! Argh that's no good =(( Oh well, I hope we can get our hands on it once again xDD hehehe~~ Thanks for letting me know!

  20. "profile customization" is where you can select a picture as the profile background.


    =D hope it helps <3



    So, below the shoutbox there's a link "edit my profile" on the right side. Click it XD


    There you can select to "change photo" or "change avatar" or many other things!! <3


    photo is the one for your profile.


    and avatar is the one for the forum. Like for when you post something.



  22. please, upload a nice pic already for the profile xDDDD

  23. ah, by the way... about OC raws. We don't have any left? What happened ? Just curious XD

  24. from x5ga: i miss arguing with you. get your ass on chatango.


    from me: dear, I miss chu.

  25. BRO-COMPLEX megane kazoku edit: this is not random chatting... only commenting the pic, which is allowed... I guess xD
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