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  1. @ Kirie - Sounds like fun but i know it will be hard but good stuff...i am minoring in linguistic for now...>.< @ baby_cobra - domo for your welcoming reply;) @ TamiBx - i get what you mean it's good that you enjoy it;] @ Starriberi - i double cough that, it is a boring subject but it's just what's needed in my course of life to reach my goals...so it's all good. & no Choi is not my last name C is my first name and J is my middle name and B is my Last name, I was adopted so my Korean name is kept as my middle name and yep. @ Akari - ã‚ã‚ŠãŒã¨ã†ï½žã€€for your welcoming and I'm a U
  2. cjb stands for my name and i'm studying business marketing atm...lol...thanks for the welcoming starriberi and i'm feeling you on the uni thing hehe.........& thanks to you to TamiBx and congrats to your graduation and i am happy and sad for your new schedule of education...another 4 or more years of education...unless you like education but college can be fun with good friends...^.^ @[email protected]
  3. An-Nyung~("Hi" in Korean)...I'm cjbninja or you can call me Ji...i'm Korean (obvious?!kinda)...college student...in USA...hm what else?... ask away and i might reply...depending what the question is... @[email protected]
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