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  1. u have probably given me the best would you if in the world.... @[email protected] Firstly i would gather people that are not infected around then gather weapons, anything would do. After that i would find a high place like ontop of a school building roof, where people dont want you getting up (my school roof could be quite easily defended and has an escape route) After setting up baracades and roofs ontop of the roof so we have shelter i would then probably make ziplines to nearby houses/trees (probably trees because zombies cant climb trees) and eventually getting to the nearby food store. A
  2. You're banned because not asking for chocolate is inpolite
  3. You're banned for not asking for the chocolate first, I'm a nice person, I would have given you some.... maybe.
  4. Apologize to them and continue the speech. Trying to hold back the hiccups as much as possible What would you do if you saw your best friend kissing your boyfriend/girlfriend? @Ayne i think that anyone would submit to someone else if they were threatened by death, besides its only an excuse... it wouldnt matter if who you were talking to didnt know the person, right?
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