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  1. NOOO!!! @[email protected] Well, we need to find a Chinese translator then! This manga is so worth it.
  2. Seikimatsu no Angel!!! @[email protected] If we decide to pick that up (and we get raws), I'm willing to translate! @[email protected]
  3. I read this like 2 years ago too, and I have to admit that I liked it. The characters develop in a cute way, and I even like the pairing. =D I watched the live action as well, but it was quite disappointing. @[email protected]
  4. Welcome!! I totally love Faster Than A kiss and I enjoyed reading Cat Street too (though the jdrama was a bit disappointing @[email protected] ) Anyways, have fun in our forum! @[email protected]
  5. It totally would. It was a joke; I know he's a guy. @[email protected]
  6. HAHAHAHA!!! @[email protected] Well, he is a guy...hopefully... And nice picture, Deus. So sexy @[email protected]
  7. Ok, so I watched the movie the other day in the airplane and I fell in love with it! @[email protected] The plot is so exciting and it makes you addicted to it! Now I'll read the manga and then watch the dorama! Yes, I'm doing everything backwards...I already know the ending (at least the dorama's ending) @[email protected]
  8. OMG! Sailor Moon! I cried watching that too! And I've never seen the Bokura ga Ita anime, but I read the manga(whenever it comes out, since it keeps going on and off) and the manga is sad! Actually, when I started reading it, I didn't think it'd go so deep and be so sad... @[email protected]
  9. Hey!! Welcome to our forum! I hope you enjoy it! Different from you, my flag is an American one, but I only live here; I'm actually from Brazil. @[email protected] I don't have a summer job...even though I need one. What are you doing? And again, welcome!
  10. I have no idea. @[email protected] (I don't listen to metal either; I just know some of them because some of my friends do)
  11. TamiBx

    Hi !

    Hii! Welcome to our forum! @[email protected] I totally understand you when you say that you like mangas and animes with a message. Like, I like comedy animes, but if they're too stupid, I end up dropping it. @[email protected] Anyways, welcome and I hope you have fun!
  12. Well, Sepultura is a Brazilian band, technically, and I'm Brazilian, so yeah. @[email protected] Hm....I've seem them somewhere before. HInt?
  13. Then yeah, it is not for me. I don't really like dense/kind of blind/a little bit dumb main characters... @[email protected]
  14. Yeah, in an anime. Does it count? @[email protected] Have you ever dropped/destroyed a TV? (I actually have dropped one...) @[email protected]
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