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    LOL! Chucky was... hrmm.... okay? XD I love big eyed dolls but chucky's not my type! =P
  2. minchae


    Hahahah!!!! It's ok I'm actually used to it! LOL! I get weird stares from people all the time. T_T
  3. minchae


    No you have to throw me a party this time round! @[email protected] This is Blythe - Taken during the Christmas Meet last year. XD
  4. minchae


    Aika>> Hey Aika!! *waves* Yea~ They're super cute! I have around 10 girls now. Heheh! XD tora08>> Yeapyeap~ =) Nice to meet you too!!! =DDDDDDD CTOAGN>> Hahaha! XD HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *waves frantically* Megumi>> Hello Chief!!! I'm currently working on Platinum Garden. LOLS! Tessa gave me 4 chapters to work on but I'm only down with 2. @[email protected] I may be a bit slow(due to life and procrastination) @[email protected] but well if you don't mind all that I'd love to help. Hahas!
  5. minchae


    Have been lurking around for about a week now but haven't introduced myself yet. XD So... Hello everyone! This is minchae aka Morgan. @[email protected] First of all, I got to say that I really suck at self-intros so yea.. Please bear with me. LOL! I'm from Singapore, aged 19, female, just graduated from Singapore polytechnic majoring in Biz & IT. I used to cosplay(around 2 years back) but the projects in school started to take a toll on me so yea... I gave up. LOL! Oh! And I collect Blythe dolls too! =DDD Hrmm... I came across Evil Flowers through 'Dear My Girls'. I loveeeeeeeeee
  6. Playstation!! =D Pillow or bolster?
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