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    If I had many other interest would I be stalking this forum so much? ;3 [yes]

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  1. Hiki sounds oddly familiar. xD Looks interesting~! My turn =] I love this series! It's so... uh... cute! x3
  2. All I can think of is Full Metal Panic =P
  3. lol yes it IS Pretear! I believe it was designed by CLAMP if my memory serves me so you have a good eye Tora =D Akari's turn!
  4. CTOAGN's is Othello, but what's Toxic's? x3 I'm dying to know.
  5. "Alive!" ? xD no it really looks like a speech bubble was cut off at the top so I thought it was cropped.
  6. Haha nice! >w< Lying obnoxiously, the thief escaped running yonder.
  7. No! You seem like a sweet person so of course not! =D Do you think I'll get staff member status by the end of the day today? lol x3
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