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  1. blood? gore? thriller? sounds like a great manga! I will definately give it a try now. Although I am a very impatient person, I will at least read what there is of it and maybe love it and continue to wait, Thanks!
  2. onigirii


    oooh i looove historical manga/anime! this seems interesting actually, I wonder why i havent heard about this hmmm. i ll give a shot.
  3. nope, i prefer milk tea with butter toast. have you ever gone a whole day wearing a piece of clothing inside out and not knowing you are?
  4. F1 sportscar! Houte couture or Ready to Wear fashion?
  5. I would stalk people and go where to places and realms no stalker has gone before. moahaha and i would totally make myself a major character in bleach what would you if could jump into any manga story and choose to become one of its main character?
  6. You're banned because you haven't realized it' summer
  7. oooh i heard about this! i think i will now, i forgot about it but now its time..yes
  8. I love it! the guy is awesome! i wouldnt mind some more romance but we'll see as it continues haha
  9. its a really manga to read and i find that its suuuper funny and just sometimes silly. but im gonna read it properly when its complete since im not a patient person when it comes to long and drama filled mangas haha
  10. im dying for the tale of anatolia to be turned into an anime. and MARS even, since they both have such an in pact on its readers and are just amazing in detail, storyline and characters
  11. i admire people whp dye their hair white! haha its an awesome contrast if you have light or dark features.
  12. Im watching bleach and thats about it! i much prefer manga than anime, i dont know why.
  13. the art is amazing, this and bride of the water god are my favo manwha but its taking forever i always loose track of the storyline so i have to wait like 5months then rea the whole thing over just to understand the updates haha
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