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    Hi! I just joined and I just wanted to introduce myself. I love manga and anime so I'm excited to be part of this forum!!
  2. I started reading this because I watched the Korean drama and at first it was a lot of fun reading what happens after the Korean drama ends but now I feel the story is a little complicated... I wish the author would tie up the lose ends and finish it because its just getting crazier and crazier.
  3. This is a really good manhua! I really like Nicky Lee's art, she draws beautiful characters. I only hope more chapters come out in English, I really want to know what develops between Lele and the two brothers.
  4. This is not your light manga but when you start to read it it gets addictive! I started reading it because of the Japanese drama and the manga is more in depth and the plot line is more complicated, it really makes you think!
  5. I am currently watching His and her Circumstances for maybe the 20th time... I really like how its not like the typical shoujo anime and has a deep plot line. Also the relationship between the main guy and girl is fun to watch develop.
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