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  1. opeth has been one of my first options, but when i googled their pictures just to make sure i didn't stumble on that pic, and in the others they didn't strike me as familiar....>.>...xD @deus and with me xD
  2. ^ exactly my point....=.=.....
  3. i believe i noticed that...xD lol, true... ...i know, but i liked this pic so....>.>.... anyway...you're the winner...
  4. lol the jonas brothers wish they looked like that ...anyway, hint one of the members is also part of Nightwish
  5. so for now toxic has guess 2 and baby cobra 1... anyway, here's next
  6. xD their fifth album is called "Songs for the sinners"
  7. @[email protected] that was the whole idea.... it was a hint though... and yeah, that's them next
  8. yep, i am being generous again...xD Metal band formed in 1992 in Germany
  9. that's them and, well generosity's not gonna happen again next
  10. I am being very generous here ;;;; The band was started by the brothers Jon and Criss Oliva.
  11. @[email protected] that's not true...right? >_< .... xD
  12. i could have sworn they were finnish....and that they have a straaaaange name.... thank you google... =.=" Korpiklaani @[email protected]
  13. ...waited for someone smarter than me to answer.....=.=" hint 8D
  14. the hint didn't help, but i did remember seeing those faces live 2 weeks ago....=.=" ...they're anthrax....
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