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  1. there is only one character I could still remember, Miyaka in the Fushi Yugi series. I guess her whiny voice really gets to my nerve. And I hate how they stereotyped girls.
  2. I would a continuation of Skip Beat,it is just too short. i am not sure if they could turn Midnight Secretary to anime because of the smut scene. I would like Saver to be turned to Anime Series, i bet it would be awesome
  3. i was only able to read few chapters. The scanlations just keep coming out so fast, I was unable to keep up.
  4. I have not read this manga but I have heard about it though. And I think a Live action series/movies was made about this manga
  5. I will buy Kindle to read all the books. what will you do if you need to pass gas but your crush is going your way?
  6. your banned because its too hot outside!!
  7. I only see few chapters that were scanlated. I will give them a try and see
  8. I am only reading the summary now since no one is scanlating Goong.
  9. I haven't read the latest chapters so I am not sure what happened. If you don't like blood or people getting cut then don't read this. But it is quite interesting to read
  10. ohh. This is a very cute story. I like it.
  11. i have watched the anime but I have not read the manga. Is the manga been licensed or someone still scanlating it?
  12. momei


    I agree with hikaichi. Handsome guys. I was watching few episodes for some reason I started getting bored with the show but I guess I would have to continue watching it .
  13. Naruto Giant Killing Heroman Yumeiro Patissiere Katanagatari Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu Occult Academy Ookami-san Shukufuku no Campanella
  14. i cried when I was watching Clannad specially when Nagisa died
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