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  1. I cant think of a specific manga that has made me cry but I know that I tend to feel emotial in tragic events or when things suddenly turn around for the better. A show like Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro Na were that kind of thing. Also shows with alot of emtional impact like Nana effect me. Im just a sucker for those kind of things.
  2. The original Full Metal alchemist series was almost nothing like the manga. I was glad when they came out with brotherhood which stuck to the manga. Also Karin the chibi vampire. The show followed the manga for like 5-6 episodes then it went off and did its own thing. Recently Dance in the Vampire Bund has alot of changes from the manga starting with the whole first episode. I dont usually read manga that I have already seen as an anime so I probably miss alot of differences unless the anime comes out after I have already read the manga.
  3. Adding some shows for the new season. Black Lagoon - Roberta's Blood Trail - action series, I love the first 2 seasons of this series and was glad when they annouced another one. I just wish the episodes would come out sooner! Break Blade - I liked the manga for this. Mecha based action series. Watched the first movie released and it was really good. Artwork was nice and they stuck to the manga well. Looking forward to the next episode released the end of August Mitsudomoe - I started reading the manga for this a little bit ago and then didnt even know they were making an anime out of it u
  4. I like this series. I dont mind a long running series as long as there is enough drama or action going on to keep the series interesting. I like this series because there is always something different happening and it keeps the story interesting. Also even though it is long running drama series they dont resort to things like rape to keep the story progressing. Im really tired of the stories that have 500 guys forcing themselves on a girl every single chapter.
  5. Are the novels very similar to the anime? I watched anime and liked it. I would consider looking into the novels if they are basically the same thing.
  6. Sakubo


    Second season was announced. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2010-06-19/hakuoki-2nd-season-green-lit-for-fall So I guess will have to wait for the second season for the story to really fill out.
  7. The actually stories are different but the basic premisis is the same. A female main character enters the entertainment industry in order to chase after someone. In one story they are learning to act, in another they are becoming a model. I started reading this because I looking for another series like skip beat were a female lead is trying to enter the entertainment industry.
  8. I wanted to watch this show to but I couldnt stand the censored version since I read the manga and they cut out so much. I was going to watch the uncensored version but its all webrips or whatever and really bad quailty. I figure someone will do dvds / blu rays for this show at some point and can watch it then.
  9. I like this so far. I started reading this because I was looking for something similar to skip beat and while they are similar there are enough differences to make this one stand out to. I have also read up to the current released chapters as well and im interested in how the trip overseas will change her. My comment on her love life :
  10. Sakubo


    I been following this to. Im interested in were they are going. The story reminds me somewhat of Kaze Hikaru except with more fantasy elements. I hope they make the main character in this show stronger because right now she acts weak all the time.
  11. Well theres a lot of manga i would like seen turned into anime but I also have mixed feelings about alot of stuff. a Manga like half price or hana kimi I think would translate well as an anime because they are mostly comical with some light romance. More serious series you guys mentioned like Flowers of Evil or Goong I dont feel would be good as an anime because they are much to serious for the normal anime audience. I think shorter series like Kieli or Grand Sun could work. Also almost all the shounen stuff would fit as anime cause they dont have heavy stories, like Beelzebub also Nurarihyon
  12. Sakubo


    I have played all the most recent Final fantasy games everything from 6 up. I have played all the dot hack games, Tales of vesperia and tales of the abyss, Star ocean 3 and the new one. I really like the Persona series im hoping they will make one of those for ps3. I have alot of ps2 titles, mostly jrpgs, I tend to buy just about all the rpgs I can get my hands on. I think the most recent games I played was Final Fantasy 14 and Resonance of Fate. I bought Last Rebellion but I havent started that one yet.
  13. Im actually following alot right now. Lets see first up is Yumeiro Patissiere - started watching it because shugo chara ended and I needed something to fill the hole! Bleach and One piece, enjoy the action and the stories for the most part. Have been watching them forever. Working , B Gata H Kei and Arakawa Under the Bridge - Watching these because they are all funny. Of the three of them I like working best but all of them are good. Kaichou wa Maid-sama - watching this because I follow the manga and like the story so I wanted to see how the anime version turned out Hakuouki - Started wat
  14. Sakubo


    Figured I would stop by and give my introduction. I like manga / manwha, anime and RPG's. I work graveyard so I have alot of free time to read manga and watch anime so it works out well for me. I enjoy RPG's because I enjoy games with stories amd usally rpgs have the best ones. I live in the USA, in California and love it here. Only place I would consider moving to is somewhere closer to the beach other than that I would probably never leave! Its nice to meet you all and I hope we get along great.
  15. I enjoy this manga as well. The main heroine is also not 12 anymore she has had at least one birthday in the manga @[email protected] I enjoy the story so far and the characters work well together. Also I enjoy the specials that have been released recently and showed us a glimpse of the future. I really cant wait for her to continue growing up as the story progress'.
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