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  1. Just did my funny uber dance-break ^^ next : iwetlma
  2. you're banned for having the party mood on! ... i wanna have it too >.>
  3. Yup that's the one, Aylin ^^ i just loved Siva's demon form so much that i had to post a pic from this manga
  4. let's see who knows this one ^^
  5. you're banned for having such a cute sig!
  6. you're banned because you don't have an avatar
  7. Hehehe....that's Nodame Cantabile ^^
  8. @Akari: Uuuu... that sounds sooo evil @[email protected] ! I like that so much! @[email protected] And about our team name, first of all.. i knew "akari"="light" , and second of all... it wouldn't be a bad idea to think of a cool name @[email protected] Thanks for posting a pic. You're really cute, also .... @[email protected] i 'm one of the few people that know u're age ..mwhahahaha.* feeling all powerful and stuff all of the sudden* Btw... i love fruits and veggies and also i love ice-cream the most! Ice-cream maniac here as well! @[email protected]
  9. It's okay . In that period of time I'll have enough time to check on the forums a couple of times a day ^^. (and no, u didn't mess up the genders ) Btw... why don't u tell us something more about yourself? like... favorite:songs,sports, movies,games...etc. uuuu... and also, you should post a pic with u in the "how do you look" section ^^ .So that we could get to know each other better ^__^
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