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  1. @ tora08: it's not just someone else's turn, it's the turn of the user that guessed the anime screen *just wanted to clarify the rules* next: *boys don't judge me for this lol ) *
  2. Thanks Akari, that really kept me going . The first 20 ep of KHR were really boring, but now i'm at ep 66 and i've already seen some awesome battles . Also i've read some reviews and they all said that from this point on the story is just going to be better and better ^^. So.. for the moment i'm enjoying KHR quite a bit ^^. Also , i've finished Welcome to NHK and i liked this series a lot as well. Although i didn't really love the ending. But oh well... it was kinda okay in the end ^^
  3. yup.. it's prince of tennis... post away *sorry for the link, but i got lazy *
  4. @ tora08 : could it be yami no matsuei?
  5. new manga page : http://img-a.onemanga.com/mangas/000033 ... 142/02.jpg
  6. starri or someone else, post a new screen pls
  7. Hey there! Welcome to the staff! ^^ It's great that you saw our add and that u wanted to join! I sincerely hope that you'll put your skills to use more and more @[email protected] and that you'll get along just fine with everyone! @[email protected] Have a nice stay! *hugs*
  8. i like you so, forgive my behavior next: hirachi
  9. I met Gwen's host on Street Turtley idlttrn
  10. I'm still watching KHR, but... because i don't enjoy it that much for the moment (even though i'm at episode 20)..i've started watching Welcome to NHK! . I've seen only 4 episodes, but i find it to be really interesting ^^.It has a really nice way of approaching the main subject and the characters also seem well done . Can't wait to see more of it ^^
  11. baby_cobra


    Well yeah, ofc we'll welcome u as well, since every single member of this community counts ^__^! So, thank u for joining EF, hope u'll find a lot of our projects to your liking and that u'll make new friends here ! Also.. it would be great if u would become an active user and join us in the forum games or any other topic we have ^^ Have a nice stay!
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