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  1. I tend to be very sensitive about animes so i can't even remember all the series that made me cry . But i know for sure that the most i cried at Sailor Moon (and it happens every single time i see this anime ) tears just keep flowing). Then, i know i cried a lot at Fushigi Yuugi,Fruits Basket, Ayashi no Ceres, Full Metal Alchemist (it had just too many sad episodes) oooh let's not forget Nana,Bokura ga Ita,Code Geass R2 (at the last episodes), Inuyasha ,Kimi ni Todoke (the episodes with Chizuru's love),Romeo& Juliet,Air Tv,Rose of Versailles,etc . recently cried at Valkyria Chron
  2. Hi! Welcome welcome! ^^ Hope you'll have a great stay here! And also, u are sooo lucky! I would be really happy to stay in Japan at least 2 weeks,u managed to stay there for 5 years! sooo lucky @[email protected] . for me it's tooo far away and i don't really think that i'll have the opportunity to go there for the next few years @[email protected] Anyway... hope you'll make lots of friends !thanks for wanting to join the staff and help us with our projects @[email protected] *hugs*
  3. Hey! Welcome to EF! ^__^ Hope you'll have a great stay here and enjoy to the max your time with all of us ! I like your top manga ... i've recently begun watching Black Lagoon. I'm at the middle of Second Barrage and until now i've enjoyed this series a lot ^^ Anyways...welcome! *hugs*
  4. Do I want envelopes,newspapers turn old? *wow...makes nooo sense at all ) * mirotic ^___^ (curios if someone knows where i got the inspiration for this word )
  5. until death do us part is a manga, not anime :-?? ontopic: is it Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom?
  6. baby_cobra


    yup, they finished the first season . just that the last episode isn't subtitled yet :'( . I just can't wait for the second season XD
  7. Hi! welcome to EF! Hope u'll have a great stay here ^^ It's nice that u have a collection and that u like those dolls, even though ..after i've seen that photo the only thought i had in mind was : "woooa... those dolls have some really freaky eyes!!O_o" But if u like them, then it's great ^^ Every single person has different likes and opinions nothing wrong with that Welcome again! XD
  8. U should give us some hints since it's been so long and no one knows it
  9. @Aika : nono... stick with us! we like u on our team XD this is where u belong!! btw... 79
  10. Welcome to EF again! Happy that u've found your way back as well ^^ Have a nice stay! XD
  11. Yup that's the one ^^ you're next Aika XD
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